One day there was a Bihari going in a Fiat Car at 45KMPH on a highway and enjoying his drive.
Suddenly a Sardaji came Booiiiiiiiiinnnnnnn on a Honda and peeped into the car and shouted at the Bihari – “Kabhi honda chalaya kya?” and sped off, The Bihari was surprised but he did not bother. After some time the Surd came Booiiiinnnnnnnnnnn… in the opposite direction, peeped into the car and shouted again “kabhi honda chalaya kya?” and sped off , This time the Bihari was annoyed , since the surd was teasing about his driving.
After some time again the Surd came back speeding and said the same thing peeping into the car. The Bihari was about to say something but the Surd goes off. This time the Bihari increased his speed but suddenly stopped as he found the Surd lying on the road, bleeding. He got down and mocked at the Surd “Kyon Surd , Kabhi Honda chalaye kya?” The Surd said “Wohi to puch raha tha, Mein Brakes ko dhoond rahatha.”

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