A meeting of the “Castrated Anonymous”

High-pitched male voice: “Welcome. I hope you all arrived safe and sound.”

Deep male voice: “Yes.”

High-pitched male voice: “You in the second row, please leave the room right now.”

An 87-year-old man chats with his doctor: “So, I’m getting married again next week, doc!”

“Oh, that’s wonderful! And how old is the bride?”

“She’s 19.”

“That’s fantastic – but I have to warn you, too much action in the bed can be deadly!”

“Ah well, if she dies, I’ll just have to remarry.”

A husband and wife have four sons. The oldest three are tall with red hair and light skin while the youngest son is short with black hair and dark eyes.

The father was on his deathbed when he turned to his wife and said, “Honey, before I die, be totally honest with me: Is our youngest son my child?”

The wife replied, “I swear on everything that’s holy that he is your son.”

With that, the husband passed away. The wife muttered, “Thank God he didn’t ask about the other three.”

We’re not lazy? We invented the drive-by shooting, ladies and gentlemen. We don’t have the common decency to beat someone with a stick or our bare hands. We’re gonna shoot them — but guess what? We’re not even gonna get out of the car and do it, for God’s sake. We’re not even gonna stop the car.

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