Once a sardarji receives a love letter from his beloved. Being an illeterate he cannot read the letter. So keeping that letter for him for weeks,months and years he thought how to read the letter. He thought and thought and thought and this sardarji being a little intelligent fellow finally he got an idea that he can go with that letter to his friend and ask his friend to read that letter for him. So he made all the plans to reach his friend. Finally he reached his friend’s house on one fine morning and he explains all the story, but still he does not want his friend to know what that letter contains(the letter being very personal and meant for only to the sardarji), so again he thought and thought and thought for one week and finally he got an idea…….So this was the situation what our GREAT FRIEND SARDARJI was in…can u just guess what he is going to do with his final idea….?????
(Ans): He just closes his friend’s EARS while his friend is going to read the letter so that his friend cannot hear what he is reading…….

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